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Website Development Terms


Websites are normally hand coded by the developer making your website completely bespoke and will be designed by ABSTER-iT right at the start of the project. The initial layout will be offered to you for approval prior to any development work being carried out.

If a template is needed for your website we will offer you a list to choose from and make sure you are happy with the template page layout before it is used. Templates are usually required for the more powerful eCommerce systems that we offer.

All website development is done by the ABSTER-iT team and is not outsourced to any other development company.

We use One.com to host your website and provide all mailboxes. This provider has proven to be the best for price, account turn around, web services, online support and ease of use through the GUI cPanel for when we hand the domain over to you. We have chosen One.com out of many other hosting providers and is highly recommended by ABSTER-iT.

Your 1st year of hosting and your 1st domain name is always free of charge unless you choose to have an additional domain name registered. This cost will be added to your invoice.

Should you have an existing domain registered with another company WITHOUT web-space attached we will transfer the domain to One.com on your behalf and apply web-space to it in order to host your website.

In order to complete your website we need constant communication with you as our client with full co-operation on providing web page content to us directly. This may include images which must be owned by you and must NOT be taken from other websites which could be subject to copyright laws.

You providing images to ABSTER-iT, is your declaration that the images provided are entirely owned by you and you allow us to use them at will on your site. Images must be sent to us via a personal email account which is registered to you.

We aim to deliver your website to you as quickly as possible, usually this period could be anything from 2-3 days to 2-3 weeks depending on your requirements. We work closely with you during the building phase and request that you are available to test areas of your website regularly so that they meet your requirements. Once testing is complete our websites are delivered to you by uploading the site to you're specified domain.

You must provide any small modification requests to us within 1 week of receiving the final version of your website. These can be in the form of colour changes, font changes and or small graphic changes. Page layout changes are not accepted at this late stage for bespoke websites as everything will have been agreed on prior to the development of your website. Some template websites are easily changed using the available back end management but not all of them so requests to change layouts on a template should be avoided.

For bespoke websites any colour or graphic changes or additional coding and functionality or added pages to your website after the 1st week will be charged as extra but at a reduced rate. Simple graphic re-designs can be as low as £15.

Domain Transfers after your free 1st Year

Transferring of domain and hosting ownership from ABSTER-iT to you as our client requires two active eMail accounts. Our registered eMail account to send ownership and your's to receive ownership. One.com will confirm with both ABSTER-iT and you that a domain and hosting package is to be transferred. You must acknowledge this email and confirm the transfer. Ownership is then handed over.

Failure to carry out your side of the transfer process after 5 days will automatically cancel the transfer process with One.com. ABSTER-iT will then inform One.com that we refuse to pay for your automatic renewal and your domain may be cancelled at the renewal period by One.com.

It is your own responsibility to check on the renewal date of your domain and hosting package if you opt out of ABSTER-iT services and you must make your own renewal payments when necessary.

If you require ABSTER-iT to make a payment to One.com on your behalf keeping your domain and hosting package active you must be providing ABSTER-iT with regular work so that we can honour the renewal payment as a loyalty reward to you.

ABSTER-iT can not be held responsible for any outcome including down time that may arise as a result of you failing to confirm your domain and hosting package transfer process or failing to make your own renewal payment.

Domain recovery from a cancelled domain

There is a short grace period after the domain and hosting is cancelled by One.com where you can pay for and recover your domain and hosting package. You may however need to upload your website and or MySQL data as One.com have no obligation to restore any data. Use your One.com account information that ABSTER-iT hands over to you when your website or online solution has been paid for and contact One.com live support asking for recovery. It is then up to you to manage your own website.