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Our team is able to draw on over 50 year's practical experience in IT and electrical engineering. With up-to-date knowledge and the ability to lab-test new methods and technologies prior to delivery to the client, we can provide the very best solutions for you, with full training to ensure you know how to get the most from the services and the solutions that we provide to you as our customer.

Whether your focus is on areas such as Server and Network Installations, or the more nitty-gritty side of running a business - accounting, Human Resource Management (HRM), contract management, project planning, marketing and online sales techniques, etc., every solution is developed with your future business growth, development and success in mind.


Zoe – Business Owner eMail Zoe

Zoe’s passion for business growth is never ending and it shows in her list of successes. Her own marketing company merged with ABSTER-iT in October 2012 carrying over all of her own customers to integrate both companies as a solution provider with a difference for new and growing businesses in the UK. Zoe soon took the ownership of ABSTER-iT to allow staff members to give more time to the clients. With a move of headquarters to London in January 2017 client services can only get better with the option of on-site development solutions rather than the remote option we have used mostly in the past.

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VACANCY- PA / SEO Administration (London)



A vacancy for PA / SEO administrator to work closely with the project managers as a PA based in the London HQ and assist with project organization and customer queries, You may also find yourself spearheading project managed SEO services for our clients making sure the full potential of the existing SEO trends are implemented into the website developments which are carried out by the team. In addition you may also contribute to page designs and formats prior to submitting to the web designers on the team.




 Jack - Website Developer (North) eMail Jack

Jack is our web developer and server administrator from the north in sunny Scotland, he has experience working in the e-commerce and web design industry, doing html/css, Php, Mysql and working with various website CMS's such as magento and wordpress, Jack can design a fully functioning CMS (Content Management System) or implement a CMS such as magento to your websites to make your life a lot easier with content management.


 VACANCY – CCTV Engineer (North)

A vacancy for a CCTV engineer to install and configure various security solutions in homes and businesses along with the ability to work alongside security access engineers.


 VACANCY - Content Management (London)

A vacancy for a business management graduate with experience in marketing, sales, consumer behaviour, PR, editing, proof-reading and copy-writing. Your role is to ensure that customer website content is optimised to communicate the customer’s message to potential and existing customers, whoever they may be. As part of the development of a customer’s website, the content customers provide (or request) is to be proof-read, edited and/or re-written to ensure the customers message is getting across, and to help potential customers find their services online with careful use of key words in the right places.


 Arfan - Website and Graphic Animation Development (London) eMail Arfan

Arfan is a qualified website designer and graphic animator. He has over 10 years of experience within this sector. Arfan comes from a very busy web development background with completed projects for Expotec a highly successful web development company. Arfan is highly experienced in all of the latest website development techniques including digital audio integration.


 Terry - Digital Graphic Development (National) eMail Terry

Terry is our digital graphic artist who designs, sketches and produces your digital graphics for our developers to use on your websites making your websites and your business even more unique and professional.


 Jay - Business Developer and Website Engineer (International) eMail Jay

Jay is our India based website engineer and international business developer assisting with the large scale projects that we receive from clients all around the world. Jay develops solutions and applications using C, C++, SQL, Java and J2EE. Jay holds a Master of Science in Computer Science from Newcastle's University of Northumbria situated in the UK's North East and a Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology with first division from R.G.P.V Bhopal, Madhya Pradesha, India. Jay designed and developed the Information Technology module of the Hindalco.com website. Jay is top of the class when it comes to business and website solutions which is why he is on the ABSTER-iT team.


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