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Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Management from just £50 per month without a contract


Your business presence on the web is no good to those who don't know you exist without a fully optimized SEO service.

All of our website developments come SEO optimised and are presented to Google's indexing service when ready. However this does not mean that your website will be visible using the major search engines unless you work hard on your own content and check on your competitor's websites - daily.

To work your way up the search engine listings you will need to make constant changes to your own website and try to be listed higher than your competitor's listing.


We use a powerful SEO tool to identify your website strengths and weaknesses against that of your closest competitor. These two areas are checked and changes are applied where needed putting your website in favour for the search engine listings. We also identify current search trends and apply further necessary changes to your website meta tags to match, thus keeping you high in the search engine listings.

You can employ our services direct to keep your website as optimized as possible and stay ahead of your closest competitor round the clock.

Our price is fixed at a minimum of £50 per month but the more you can pay into your SEO campaign the more work we can do to your website and any other external methods such as site mapping and get you up the search rankings as quickly as possible.

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We use Social Media Management alongside our many SEO methods to send traffic to your website increasing the hit rate and making your website more visible for the search engines while monitoring the changes your competitors make.