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Privacy Policy


Payment Data

No personal payment data is held anywhere within the ABSTER-iT systems nor is it recorded anywhere using any other methods generated within the ABSTER-iT business environment.

Payments to ABSTER-iT

Payments are taken over the phone and entered directly into our PayPal merchant account which provides us and you with a secure method of payment. You can also pay via on-line fund transfers from your bank to ours using your banks own online secure internet banking systems. Look for the https: and the padlock icon on your address bar before making any payment.

Our Invoice System

We have our own Microsoft Invoice System which we use "in house" to process and update our own client and payment records. No information is recorded within this system that can be used to authorise payments on your behalf using your details.

Our invoice system will automatically transmit electronic Invoices in the form of Adobe Acrobat PDF and a second eMail to confirm payment has been received to our bank account when we see that your payment has been received. The attached invoice.pdf file in these eMails can be opened by Adobe Acrobat Reader which is a free download from the Adobe Acrobat website. Only use the Adobe Acrobat website to obtain the free download as other websites may include sponsor advertisements and pop-ups.

Your Information as our Customer

Customer information that identifies you as a person or business is not passed on to any 2nd party unless we have to register a merchant account on your behalf such as PayPal or a social media account such as Facebook.

All details regarding any project or customer is held centrally on our own systems for the sole purpose of technical support which we offer direct to you as a service.

Removing your Information

You can request all information on our company network be removed or altered if we hold your details by contacting us direct on 0757 210 42 61 or email enquiries@abster-it.com using the account or contact number that we have registered for you on our systems and your request will be dealt with immediately or at the earliest possible opportunity that same day. Any other method of communication other than phone or eMail is not honoured.

Data Security

Adequate security measures are in place to protect client information on our systems. The security levels are checked regularly on all our equipment using up to date viral and spyware applications with regular backups of the ABSTER-iT business network to secure external devices.

Our Preferred Hosting Company

If we register your domain and website on your behalf we use the hosting company One.com who are highly recommended by ABSTER-iT for service and support. One.com have there own procedures and privacy policies outside of our own. ABSTER-iT can not be held responsible for any faillings on their part.

Domain Transfers after your free 1st Year

Transferring of domain and hosting ownership from ABSTER-iT to you as our client requires two active eMail accounts. Our registered eMail account to send ownership and your's to receive ownership. One.com will confirm with both ABSTER-iT and you that a domain and hosting package is to be transferred. You must acknowledge this email and confirm the transfer. Ownership is then handed over.

Failure to carry out your side of the transfer process after 5 days will automatically cancel the transfer process with One.com. ABSTER-iT will then inform One.com that we refuse to pay for your automatic renewal and your domain may be cancelled at the renewal period by One.com.

It is your own responsibility to check on the renewal date of your domain and hosting package if you opt out of ABSTER-iT services and you must make your own renewal payments when necessary.

If you require ABSTER-iT to make a payment to One.com on your behalf keeping your domain and hosting package active you must be providing ABSTER-iT with regular work so that we can honour the renewal payment as a loyalty reward to you.

ABSTER-iT can not be held responsible for any outcome including down time that may arise as a result of you failing to confirm your domain and hosting package transfer process or failing to make your own renewal payment.

Domain recovery from a cancelled domain

There is a short grace period after the domain and hosting is cancelled by One.com where you can pay for and recover your domain and hosting package. You may however need to upload your website and or MySQL data as One.com have no obligation to restore any data. Use your One.com account information that ABSTER-iT hands over to you when your website or online solution has been paid for and contact One.com live support asking for recovery. It is then up to you to manage your own website.