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Our Online Database Solutions (ODS) are similar to your typical website only it is put to a more serious use. The ODS is completly bespoke and is built to manage areas of your business you would otherwise normally do manually or using other methods that prove to be too time consuming and prone to human error. Of course you can also access your ODS using anything that has a Microsoft Web Browser

Designs, graphics and page layouts will be completely original to your business.

An ODS example:- You can manage your client records online or check out your stock levels, check your orders and export accont reports. Get your clients to log into your system under their own account and place new orders or allow them to check on the progress of an order they placed previously. They can fill in a returns form online and allow you to replace the item immediately using the ODS by simply clicking on an Approve Replacement button and an action would be sent to your warehouse, thus speeding the process up.

The ODS can e-Mail the correct people when a condition is met. For example when an order is placed.

Sounds like a normal website? It does and the front page may certainly look like one, however the ODS will have many unique processes behind the scenes that your visitors wont see and that are only built for you and your own day to day tasks which are'nt offered under normal website development conditions.

Incidentally if you already have a website you can "bolt on" an ODS all we need to do is create a portal on your home page such as a "Staff Login" or "Client Login". A small area is all we need.

There are so many uses for an ODS and no project is too big for us to develop for you.

We develop the ODS using a 3 stage method.

Stage 1 - First we plan with you and design the ODS creating data flow charts and screen designs and also planning the database structure needed to hold all of your data safely.

Once you agree to progress at this stage we produce an "Estimate to build" and on your acceptance we move to stage 2

Stage 2 - We develop a desktop database version of the ODS which can be changed so much easier than the ODS itself during the development phase. Changes are made immediate and demonstrated to you. During this stage you can change and grow your ideas as much as you need to prior to the ODS being developed.

At this stage we can provide a more accurate quotation which may be cheaper or a little more expensive than the estimate. Once you agree to continue we move to stage 3.

Stage 3 - The ODS is developed using all required methods and the desktop version is duplicated. The ODS may be built directly onto your own domain or on our local servers.

Every ODS is different and we thrive on these projects as it brings so much of the team together.

If you have an idea that you would like to put to us all you have to do is send in an ODS quote request and we will give you a call to discuss your idea.


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