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Monthly Payment Agreement Terms


Monthly Payment Agreements or MPA's are interest free and last for 12 months.

All monthly payments are worked out from the project value divided into 12 monthly payments with no hidden extras.

The first montly payment is seen as a deposit and must be paid prior to any work starting.

All monthly payments must reach our account no later than the 25th of each month.

The total value of the project must be met within the 12th months.


Questions and answers on MPA's

1) Can i pay the full amount anytime i want?

Yes you can. Like everything else if you pay it all off you dont owe anything else.

2) What happens when i pay everything off?

We hand ownership of the project over to you including all security to any domains we have registered on your behalf and ofcourse the domain name itself. We take care of the admin cost for the transfer.

3) Can i pay more than what is owed each month?

Yes you can, the more you pay the quicker the project is paid off, dont forget your not paying any interest.

4) Can i pay small amounts during the month?

Yes you can as long as by the 25th of the month you have paid exactly your monthly minimum amount or more.

5) Im about to miss one of my monthly payments, what do i do?

The first thing to do is inform us immediately so that we know of the situation and we can then offer you one of the following 2 options

  1. Pay double next month.

  2. Allow us to re-calculate what is outstanding and provide you with a new higher minimum payment for the rest of the year starting again with the following month allowing you to miss this months payment.

6) My 12 months is up and i still owe some money, what happens now?

We invoice you for the remainder bearing in mind the terms change in accordance with our invoice payment terms for this so check those terms out.