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Invoice Payment Terms


All invoices must be paid by the due by date and reach our account no later than the due by date. Late payment fees apply to all late paid invoices. This rate is a daily 8% of the total value of the invoice. Invoices will be re-issued daily with the latest amount owed including the additional daily 8%

The information provided below is our standard invoice payment terms. If you would like an alternative payment agreement please ask us before any work is carried out and we will be happy to honour your requirement.

If for any reason you are unable to make payment by the 'due by' date you must inform us immediately where certain circumstances will be considered and an alternate payment due by date will be made as long as you can provide an acceptable reason.

Payment periods are as follows and must be adhered to.

Invoice amounts less than £99 payment is 3 days from the invoice date
Invoice amounts between £100 and £499 payment is 30 days from the invoice date
Invoice amounts between £500 and £999 payment is 35 days from the invoice date.

Invoice amounts over £1,000 are subject to payment agreements according to and included within the project agreement document issued at the start of the project.

Your failure to pay

If after 28 days from the issue date of your invoice you have not paid the amount owed in full, and have not contacted an authorised representitive of ABSTER-iT to explain any forthcoming non payments of your invoice (including the late payment charges incurred) we will convert the late payment charges to an admin fee which is accepted by you in default and the final invoice will be marked as 'Payment Refused'. We then pass the invoice to our collections agency who is STA Grayton.