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Delivery Policy


We aim to deliver your services as quickly as possible while maintaining the professional standards that we offer.

Website / Software delivery is averaged around about 2 - 3 weeks unless otherwise specified at time of your enquiry or you request additional work during the build process..

In some circumstances the developer chosen to build your website may have a project to complete prior to starting your own. If this is the case you will be given an estimated start date and finish date.

Training packages are delivered to your staff within 2 - 3 weeks of confirmation. SEO optimisation methods are delivered to your site during development or if purchased as single service is delivered upon receipt of your 1st month payment.

Large scale projects are delivered to you in accordance with the agreed contract that is issued prior to us accepting the work.

No work is is undertaken until the deposit payment is made or in larger contracts the 1st payment or project acceptance payment is made. It is in your own interests to make sure this payment is made to help speed up your project.