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Cancellations for Websites and Online Solutions


Cancellations for Websites

No matter what size your project all website development has a planning stage carried out at ABSTER-iT Headquarters. This planning stage determines weather or not we can achieve your requirements quickly keeping your costs down or if a more detailed system is required where a bigger project agreement is drawn up along with a final quotation.

You have a right to cancel your enquiry at any stage prior to any development work being carried out that is part of your website or online solution.

No development commences unless a deposit has been made.

Deposits are not returned.

For CEC members you are bound by contract to make payments for 24 months of a minimum of £60 per month. To cancel your contract with ABSTER-iT see your own contract documentation.

MPA's or Monthly Payment Agreements are a calculated at your total invoice value divided into 12 monthly payments with no interest added. The first month's payment is a deposit and must be paid prior to any development taking place.

If you wish to cancel after paying your deposit you may be invoiced for any work that has been carried out since your deposit was received to our bank. We will of course prove this to you. We will also invoice you for any cost incurred such as the registered domain and webspace you would otherwise be given for free for your 1st year. Our hourly rate for development is £60 per hour. In some cases it may be more expensive to cancel your project. Please read up on our Invoice Payment Terms as you may be bound by them.

For large projects that are paid for on our 50/50 agreement where the first 50% is a deposit no extra payments may be needed as the amount in the deposit should cover for development work since the deposit was paid.

Up-front payments are only asked for if we can complete your website in a matter of hours or within a couple of days where making your payment would actually take longer than developing your website. You can of course not make the payment and just inform us that you have changed your mind.

If you have made your up-front payment and wish to cancel we will return your payment in full but only if we have not carried out any development work. We will take any domain registration costs which you would otherwise be given for free for your 1st year and any amount owed for our time at our rate of £60 per hour but only if we have carried out any work. We will of course prove this to you.

You will be invoiced for any amount owed if we have worked for longer than what your quote was for. You only pay for what we quote you so cancelling may prove to be more expensive. Please read up on our Invoice Payment Terms as you may be bound by them.


If your still unsure as to what would be owed if you cancelled please just email Our Accounts Department who will provide you with what will be owed if you cancelled.