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The name ABSTER-iT is derived from the words Automated Business Solutions and Technical Engineering Research in Information Technology which identifies the exact nature of the services that are provided directly to the client.

The company brings together the talent and skills of a group of individuals from around the United Kingdom to provide a service that could possibly be unique looking at the numerous types of service on offer from one central service provider.

We serve anybody who may need our services however our main focus is to help new business establishments get on their feet. Once this stage is achieved we provide all further IT services required and act as a central IT service provider to assist with further set-up, thus encouraging growth for the client's business be it in the home or office.

The ABSTER-iT Head Quarters are soon to be based in London, England where all projects are managed centrally with the team. Business owner Zoe keeps in contact with all clients in providing constant updates to their software and services and provides information on special offers for all other areas of interest the client may have to strive forwards.

There are many software and onlline developments in use by clients of ABSTER-iT around the world being used by some of the worlds largest agencies. New clients will always benefit from our existing client base in one way or an other.